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Love Weapon Stickers


Weapon sticker packs are here!

Each pack includes:

- 3x4" Ak-47 'Fuck Around and Find Out' Sticker

- 2x2"  Revolver 'Do you feel lucky' Sticker

- 3x4" Grenade 'Try me' Sticker

- 3x4" Knife 'I wish you would' Sticker

- 3x4" Axe 'I'll cut you off!' Sticker

- Four Mini 1x1" Bullet Stickers

These rainbow pastel stickers can be used indoors or outdoors, so they'll make a great addition to your car, toolbox, skateboard, laptop case or any other smooth surface!

Durable, UV protected and waterproof! Die-cut stickers with cheeky opaque weapons!


Thanks for supporting my art!