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Creative Groomer BioThane GroomLoop

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Our Creative Groomer Lisa Frank inspired waterproof BioThane loops are here!

Made with USA BioThane Materials by GroomLoop.

These Beautiful Loops are made strong and built to last! BioThane is a smooth, flexible webbing that has the look and feel of leather. It is waterproof and easy to clean.
Each Loop has a black Contoured Side Release Buckle for a quick release if you need it! It allows for easy on/off access around the dogs neck, shoulder or stomach. D-Ring attached.

The Nickle plated steel slider will help keep the pets from slipping away.
**(Important NOTE: The metal slider has a very snug fit to the biothane but it DOES NOT Lock).
A vinyl slider has been added for extra security if needed.

Plastic Buckle: Very strong buckle with an easy one handed Quick Release action.

BioThane is 5/8" width

When using any type of grooming loop, dogs should NEVER be left unattended.

Hand wash, Air dry